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Friday, May 15, 2009

Fun Bridal Shower

This week one of my son's best friends fiance', Meaghan had her bridal shower. It was great fun! I can't believe that my "babies" friends are starting to get married!! I've known Nathaniel and his family since Andrew (My son) was about 7 years old! I KNOW I'm gonna cry buckets at this wedding!!

My neighbor Barbara was in attendence. She's 80 something and a hoot!! We played a game involving toilet paper and designing wedding dresses and after 60 some years of marriage, guess who we used as a model! My team, dressing the gal on the left won, but dang,,,,all you get is the TP,,,,,,I wanted my glue gun at the very least!!

I'm making a wedding topper for Nathaniel and Meaghan,,,,,a work in progress!!

Here's the pix,,,,,,,What a gorgeous Bride she is going to be!

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