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Friday, February 13, 2009

Lunch with Lynn and Ellen-Former Nordy girls

Had a great lunch today with my friends Ellen (Left) and Lynn (Middle) from Alderwood Nordstroms. We used to work together in Collectors'-the designer department at Nordstrom. Did I even take a paycheck home then? We had a great time catching up and talking about other coworkers. We went to the Cabbage Patch and lunch was great!!

It's been far too long and we've decided we'd better stay in better touch. Ellen lives in Stanwood and had flooding this winter,,,,36 inches of water in her business!!! Lynn was on "this" side of the Mountains visiting her grand kids (when did we get old enough to be Grandmas?) She is in the Mortgage business in the Lake Chelan area.
Fun afternoon!!

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  1. Hi Shelly: I just found your blog on another gals blog ??? how come you are not on Joyworks list ? Anyway, was fun to read and good for you and the sorting out of your life! Andy looked good too!