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My Giveaway for One World One Heart
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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Snowed in ,,,,,,set up a blog??

Okay, first attempt at this,,,,,we'll see!! It was a busy last couple of days. Monday, the snow delayed JOYWORKS party! All arrived chilly but safe! I had a great time getting ready for this!
Always lots of laughs, good food and oh yeah, the DICE game!! All is fair in love and dice!

Jana embellished a cherub for me with a crown and rhinestones!! Too cute!! All the hostess gifts I got were wonderful, geesh you guys ARE too much!!

The food was awesome guys,,,,thanks to all of YOU!! Lots of leftovers, well,,,,,,,left over HERE too! Dang it Jana those potatoes are good!! And the dessert? Not a bit left!! Probably a GOOD thing for us all, thanks Jill.

Great night,,,,,,,,great gals! Love you guys!!

Party Deux..........

Tuesday Ornament party hosted here with my good friend Zoe and lots of others, thanks to a break in the weather!!

Again,,,,,,awesome food and oh yeah! Another Dice game!!! Did I mention I have some of the most creative friends????????? Deb Bock (of Kusler's and her own creative endeavors and event planning) gave me the cutest hostest gift with Vintage ornaments. THEN I scored again because I managed to Steal her ornament from Johanna- of Johanna's Jewlers, Snohomish, so I got both of her lovely creations.

Zoe out did herself with awesome desserts and a killer salad,,,,,,,,of course Zoe never does anything half way!!! ( I asked her to bring a few tea lights and she brought enough to light up all of Snohomish.)

Anyway,,,,,,a great couple of days,,,,,,,,,can you say awesome leftovers for dinner tonight! Let the snow fall where it may!!

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  1. Shell: What a wonderful party your threw. I loved all the decorations, so fun to look at. Thanks for all the special touches for all us Joyworks gals. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas. Hey, I'm waiting to see the "spam tree". Love, Jill